Is it a possibility to get to LEO with less onboard fuel?

Ground to Low Earth Orbit (LEO) for a fraction of the current cost. That’s the dream anyway. Keep in mind that this is conjecture but the possibility of affordable space flight could be reached within your lifetime.

Remember in August of 2013 when Elon Musk introduced Hyperloop? He asked us to envision a railgun, a Concord jet, an air hocky table and a freeway having a baby. Hyperloop would solve time management and economic problems by catapulting you in a pod through a low pressure tube to your destination.

So what’s worth writing about? Rocket fuel expended to achieve orbit is least effective in the initial phases of flight. So instead mount a small rocket engine on the back of that pod, or swap the pod for the SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule and point the open end towards space.

Image courtesy of LaunchPoint who happens to actually be working on this very concept.

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