graphic design

First impressions are everything. A solid brand design is a massively important variable in what draws new users, customers, fans, etc. to your network. Developing a unique, reliable, and memorable image is essential to any and every successful marketing strategy.

Our graphic design services.

  • Logos

    The front page of your brand. We want to design you a unique, memorable logo that sticks in the minds of your base audience.

  • Albums and Mixtapes

    Have new music coming out? Let us design you a cover that pops. We are musicians after all. Making kick ass art for other musicians is kind of our jam.

  • Social Media

    Successful social media accounts always have quality and consistent branding. That is why we have a dedicated social media design service. We will design your social media presence, including profile pictures, banners, posts, stories, and more.

  • Advertising

    A well designed advertisement can be both far-reaching and memorable. We offer advertisement design services at single one-off rates and monthly retainers as well.

  • Packaging and Labels

    A book is first judged by its cover, and your product is first judged by its packaging. Give your product a modern, unique kick with a nrdstr design and label.

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